ATLAS-UK Top Physics Meeting

chaired by Lucio Cerrito (Queen Mary, University of London), Juergen Thomas (Birmingham University)
Wednesday, 17 September 2008 from to (Europe/London)
at Room 410, Physics Department, Queen Mary University of London
Meeting of ATLAS-UK people working on top quark physics studies. Note all times are UK times.
The meeting is in room 410, 4th floor, of the Department of Physics; for information on how to reach QMUL and the Dept. visit:

An EVO [] meeting will be booked for 13.30-17.30 called
 "ATLAS-UK Top WG", there is no password. In the default community: "Universe". EVO can be accessed using a PC or using a phone via CERN as:  +41 22 76 71400. The meeting ID is 511535.
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