Oct 2021 - Sept 2022

Alessandro Broggio




Title: Precise predictions for the LHC with GENEVA


In this talk I will first discuss the main features of the GENEVA Monte Carlo framework. After that, as an application, I will present a NNLO calculation for the photon pair production process at the LHC where the 0-jettiness resolution variable is resummed to NNLL' accuracy using soft-collinear effective theory methods.

Then I will discuss the implementation of this process within the Geneva Monte Carlo focusing on the photon isolation algorithm to remove final-state QED singularities. The partonic events are then showered and hadronised using Pythia8 while retaining the NNLO QCD accuracy for observables which are inclusive over the additional radiation.

In the second part of the talk I will present the theoretical framework and the numerical results for the 0-jettiness resummation for the top-quark pair production process at the LHC, which is the basis for a future Monte Carlo implementation of this process at high accuracy.


Zoom Meeting ID: 948 7183 3595