Title: (De-)constructing operators within the EFT paradigm: Building a dictionary for new physics


Analyses within the domain of high energy physics seldom lead to a 'yes' or 'no' answer regarding the validity or the viability of a prediction. Results obtained from experiments, in the best case scenario, assign probabilistic estimates for the occurrence of the phenomena under scrutiny. In such a situation, ascertaining which framework for beyond Standard Model (BSM) physics, among a plethora of proposals, offers the best description of subatomic physics becomes challenging. An approach that remedies the situation, by furnishing tools that allow the translation of the BSM interactions in terms of those of SM and by providing a backdrop for conducting comparative analyses of different models, is that of Effective Field Theories (EFTs).

In the language of EFTs, operators encapsulating particle interactions constitute the lexicon, and symmetry dictates the grammar. The objective of this talk is twofold. First, to shed light on a systematic procedure for assembling the interactions among the degrees of freedom, of SM and beyond, and to highlight how these help form a bridge between experimental observables and the parameters of the unknown high scale model. The discussion will also outline how such a procedure can be generalized and automated. The second aim is to describe a diagrammatic approach wherein symmetry based arguments can help establish judicious model-selection criteria. This is pertinent for categorizing BSM scenarios in a manner that simplifies comparative analyses among them while also strengthening the links between experimental anomalies and new physics.

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