Oct 2022 - Sept 2023

Ivan Martínez-Soler




Title: The Physics Potential of Neutrinos from Cosmic Ray Interactions


Abstract:  The interaction of cosmic rays with the atmospheric nuclei generates a flux of neutrinos that expand from the MeV to the TeV scale. Atmospheric neutrinos have been crucial in discovering neutrino oscillations, the only evidence of non-zero neutrino masses. Even now, they contribute significantly to our understanding of neutrino oscillations and mixing in the lepton sector. This talk analyzes the expected sensitivity of current atmospheric neutrino experiments. In this first in-depth combined atmospheric neutrino analysis, we carefully review the synergies and features of Super-Kamiokande, IceCube-Upgrade, and ORCA to examine the potential of joint analysis. By a detailed study of the current shared systematic uncertainties arising from the shared flux and neutrino-water interactions, and the systematic uncertainties of each experiment, we probe that the octant of θ23 can be resolved at 99\% C.L, the neutrino mass ordering above 5σ by 2030 and for  CP-violating phase (δCP) in the leptonic sector they can provide vital information for next-generation neutrino oscillation experiments. Also, we will address the future sensitivity to the main uncertainties of the next generation of neutrino experiments. Beyond flavor oscillation, atmospheric neutrinos can contribute to other research areas. In this talk, we will discuss two scenarios: the measurement of the inner mass distribution on the Earth and the contribution to solar physics by discovering solar atmospheric neutrinos.



Zoom Meeting ID: 948 7183 3595