Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

A theoretical perspective on inelastic neutrino interactions for neutrino oscillation experiments in the GeV regime

by Minoo Kabirnezhad (Imperial College)




Long-baseline neutrino oscillation experiments (including the existing T2K and NOvA experiments and the larger future experiments, the DUNE and Hyper Kamiokande experiments) are the only practical way to search for CP-violation in the lepton sector, but such searches depend crucially on our ability to understand fine details of the nuclear physics of neutrino interactions.


Development of the next-generation model will be required to keep pace with the detector developments that will increase the experimental precision beyond the capabilities of current model prediction. Systematic uncertainties associated with neutrino interaction uncertainties are replacing statistical uncertainties as the leading sources of error in current oscillation experiments, and will be confounded in the next-generation search for CP-violation unless they are thoroughly addressed.


In this seminar, I will focus on a new approach to model building that has the maximum impact on our ability to extract and interpret interesting physics measurements for accelerator-based neutrino experiments in the GeV-region.