Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

Leptoquarks from above and below

by Dr Matthew Kirk (IPPP, Durham, UK)




I will discuss two of my recent papers: 2307.11152 and 2309.07205.

The first is a study of the potential for upcoming neutrino experiments to search for leptoquarks using measurements of the neutrino-nucleon scattering cross-section, and I will discuss how this is possible and the various other constraints from the LHC and flavour physics.


In the second half of my talk, I will talk about a previously unstudied UV completion of an EFT model that explains the current anomalies seen in $b \to s \ell \ell$ decays, in a manifestly lepton flavour universal way which is now required by the experimental data. I will show how this model requires a sub-TeV new scalar, and potentially explains some other less well known discrepancies.