Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

Fundamentals of Physics Education with an overview of IPPP Outreach Initiatives

by Francesco Sergio



Galileo once said that good teaching is one-quarter knowledge and three-quarter theatre. Such a vivid quote is embodied by the well-established figure of charismatic teachers in cinema, exemplified by Robin Williams in Dead Poet Society.

Is teaching a matter of talent or is there specific training everyone can undergo?
Lastly, How do students learn?

In this talk I will briefly introduce the basics of Physics Education, surveying various Learning Theories and addressing the problem of misconceptions.

Then the talk will shift to its practical side. I will be pleased to share with you "my two cents" about teaching and public speaking, including theatrical skills and useful apps.

We will finally overview the IPPP outreach initiatives I am working on and about, and I welcome any collaboration or assistance.