Oct 2023 - Sep 2024

How to study modified gravity as a particle theory and not collapse in the process

by Sergio Sevillano-Munoz



Modified theories of gravity were introduced as a potential way of explaining the observed accelerated expansion of the Universe. In this talk, I will focus on scalar-tensor theories, which extend Einstein gravity with the addition of a scalar field. Providing a general introduction, I will discuss the current constraints on such theories in the Solar System. Furthermore, I will highlight the potential for testing their particle phenomenology by showing that modified theories of gravity can be expressed as Beyond the Standard Model physics, making it possible to test them in colliders. However, finding this equivalence is very time-consuming and model dependent, which motivates the use of computational assistance. Finally, I will introduce FeynMG, a Mathematica package that automatizes this calculation, allowing for the application of quantum field theory techniques to scalar-tensor theories.