Dec 14 – 15, 2023
Centre for Particle Theory
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Spencer cohomology and supergravity

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Centre for Particle Theory

Centre for Particle Theory

Department of Physics Durham University South Road Durham DH1 3LE
Long Talk (20 mins)


Andrew Beckett (University of Edinburgh)


Bosonic backgrounds in supergravity theories are classical solutions in which all fermionic fields vanish. Such a solution is said to be supersymmetric if it is preserved by a supersymmetry transformation of the theory. Apart from their intrinsic interest as the simplest solutions in supergravity theories, supersymmetric backgrounds arise in a number of other guises: as string theory vacua, as particular types of black holes and as settings with curvature on which one can place (rigid) supersymmetric field theories. They also often carry interesting geometric structures, such as (hyper-)Kaehler structures.

In this talk, I will describe how an algebraic tool known as Spencer cohomology can be used to understand the supersymmetry algebras of these backgrounds, and, time permitting, how it allows us to generalise the notion of supersymmetric backgrounds.

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Andrew Beckett (University of Edinburgh)

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