A meeting of people working in ATLAS in the UK who are interested in physics of the top quark will take place on Tuesday, 17th June 2008 from 14:00, at the University of Birmingham, Nuffield Building, in room G7 ('Seminar Room 3'). The agenda can be found here. The building is at the main campus in Edgbaston, a short walk from our train station 'University Birmingham'. This is very well connected to Birmingham's central station 'New Street' (see below).

Taxi to our institute: 'R9 Nuffield' and 'R9 Physics West' buildings
A very simple option is to grab a taxi at the exit of Birmingham's main station 'New Street' and tell it to take you to 'University of Birmingham, Edgbaston Park Road entrance - East Gate'. Taxis are usually allowed on campus, maybe you can tell the guards that you're visitors of Prof Peter Watkins in Physics, so the taxi can drop you off right in front of our building 'R8 Physics West' (see below for offices and telephone numbers), which is neighbouring the 'R9 Nuffield' building where the meeting takes place. Taxi fare would be about 9 GBP, and remember to ask for a receipt if you want to reclaim the journey. In case you arrive by plane at Birmingham International Airport (BHX), you're also strongly advised to take a taxi, and do the same as decribed above. There are trains, but it is a bit complicated. The taxi is about 22 GBP. Birmingham airport is connected to Scotland by frequent services from FlyBE and BMIBaby.

Directions from train station 'University' to our institute:
Campus map: click here . The physics buildings are located in the 'Red Zone', the main campus, a detailled map is here (pdf) The meeting takes place in building 'R9 Nuffield'. The campus has colour-coded signs matching this map.
Further instructions: click here (incl parking information)
Uniersity directions (driving): click here

At 'New Street', Birmingham's central train station, catch the cross-city trains by the operator 'London Midlands' to destinations 'Redditch' or 'Longbridge', usually at platform 10b, 11b or 12b. Trains are very frequent on weekdays (every 10-15min). Leave at the second stop, 'University' station (Yellow Zone on map). Turn left at the station exit and walk downhill past the big iron sculpture (picture) of a sitting man (meant to be Faraday) then past the very tall Clock Tower straight ahead through the courtyard towards the Physics West building on the other site of the green court. Walk past it under the walkway bridge, then on the right-hand side is the one-storey building 'R9 Nuffield' where the meeting takes place. Enter it through the lounge with the large LCD screen (picture), take the left door from the lounge and walk along the corridor to 'G7 Seminar Room 3'.

In case you arrive early, you're welcome to wait at the small coffee lounge on the second floor of 'R8 Physics West', the neighbouring building of Nuffield, behind the door labelled 'Particle Physics Group'. There is a kiosk also for sandwiches not far. In case of problems, or if you need more information, you can contact Juergen Thomas, email jpt@hep.ph.bham.acNOSPAM.uk, phone no. 0121 415 8316, office W322 (third floor), or our secretary Maria Hobbs, phone no. 0121 414 4628, office W211 (second floor) (Mon-Wed mornings).

Last updated: 30 April 2007