Oct 2014 - Sep 2015

Harnessing Grid Resources with Ganga and Dirac

by Dr Mark Slater (Birmingham)

OC218 ()


Due to the size and complexity of current HEP experiments like ATLAS and CMS, there has been a need in the last 10 years for ever increasing computational resources. This led to the development of the LHC Worldwide Computing Grid (WLCG) which provides all the storage computing power the LHC experiments need to process their data. In recent years, this vast resource has started to be used by other HEP experiments, for theory predictions, as well in fields outside HEP. However, due to the complexity and heterogeneous nature of all the different systems, efficient use of these resources has been hard for smaller groups. The DIRAC Workload Management system together with the Ganga Job Management system, developed for the larger LHC experiments, greatly simplify the use of these grid resources. This seminar will describe how these tools work and can be used as well as providing a 'How To' guide for getting started on The Grid.