Oct 2016 - Sep 2017

Exploring Decoherence and CP Violation at NuSTORM with eV Scale Steriles

by Matheus Hostert (IPPP)

OC218 (IPPP)



Precise measurements of neutrino-nucleon cross sections and a robust test of short baseline anomalies are some of the defining features of the experimental proposal of NuSTORM (Neutrinos from STORed Muons). In this talk, we will start by looking at what NuSTORM is and explore the neutrino production coherence in this novel beam design. The experimental sensitivity to one and two sterile neutrinos with masses of the order of 1 eV will be discussed, paying close attention to the interplay of the near and far detectors. Assuming the presence of a signal, we then assess to what extent NuSTORM could constrain the decoherence, measure the 3+2 model parameters, and explore the novel signals of CP violation.
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