17-18 September 2018
Europe/London timezone

This workhop is meant to bring experts from theory and experiment together for a two day workshop on the physics of di-Higgs processes at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC). The aim is to get an overview of the current status of theoretical studies and the latests experimental results. Topics we would like to cover range from beyond the Standard Model searches, to prospects to measure the di-Higgs process, to the Higgs self-coupling measurement at the LHC. We will also cover detector performance developments like for example advanced Higgs taggers, trigger isssues and new b-tagging algorithms and machine learning analysis techniques.

During the workshop we will brain storm about possible ways to improve the sensitivity to the di-Higgs process and the Higgs self-coupling and the LHC and conclude with prospects of these measurements at future colliders.

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