Oct 2018 - Sep 2019

Atomic spectroscopy as a tool for particle physics

by Dr Elina Fuchs (Weizmann Institute)

Light, new particles may alter the transition frequencies between atomic levels. Constraining such new interactions by comparing measured frequencies with precise ab-initio calculations is feasible only for few-electron systems. For larger elements, I will present a data-driven approach to bound the mass of a new boson and its couplings to electrons and neutrons. This limit is set by the non-linearity of a so-called King plot of frequency shifts between several isotopes. In addition to an analysis of measured data, I will show projections for promising atoms and ions that have the potential to probe new parameter space. Moreover, I will translate the rather model-independent bounds to some New Physics models and highlight new directions using highly-excited Rydberg states and highly-charged ions.