The Ogden Trust 2019

OC218 (Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics)


Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics

This is an invitation only three-day residential course for A2 physics students designed specifically for Ogden sixth form scholars and Ogden-sponsored schools. There will be 40 places available. The symposium is funded by The Ogden Trust and includes accommodation and all meals, but there is a non-refundable registration fee of £50. Travel expenses up to £120 may be claimed after the event equivalent to a return student rail fare plus taxis to and from Durham station, or 45p per mile, whichever is the lesser. If you are an AS-Physics student at an Ogden school and are interested in attending this year, please contact the Ogden Trust - Topics to be discussed include: Special Relativity: Prof. S. Clark The Dark Side of the Universe: Dr. P. Edwards The Hunt for the Higgs: Prof. N. Glover Cool Things to do with Lasers: Prof. I. Hughes All activities will take place in the Ogden Centre for Fundamental Physics and in the Department of Physics, at Durham University. Local organization Dr. P. Edwards
  • Chad Richard Thackray
  • Kirill Yudkin
  • Pete Edwards
  • Samuel Raben Newall