Topical Workshop on The Muon Magnetic Dipole Moment (g-2)_mu

University of Glasgow Dept of Physics & Astronomy

University of Glasgow Dept of Physics & Astronomy

Kelvin Building University of Glasgow Glasgow G12 8QQ Scotland
Dominik Stockinger (University of Glasgow), Thomas Teubner (University of Liverpool)
In the recent past there has been substantial progress on the experimental determination and the theoretical prediction of the muon magnetic moment. A tantalizing discrepancy between the SM prediction and the experimental value has been established, with highly significant consequences for physics beyond the SM. This topical workshop on the muon magnetic moment, will bring together experts, discuss the current status, open questions, and future prospects. Topics to be covered include * status and prospects of the experimental determination * status and prospects of the SM prediction, especially the o hadronic vacuum polarization contributions o hadronic light-by-light scattering contributions * contributions from supersymmetry or alternatives * impact of the current discrepancy on supersymmetry phenomenology * correlation of (g-2) with other observables in models of physics beyond the SM
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