CPT Colloquia

Supersymmetry with R-symmetry: a better version of SUSY?

by Dominik Stoeckinger (TU Dresden)


Supersymmetry can be combined with R-symmetry, a continuous
U(1) symmetry which does not commute with SUSY. R-symmetric models can
be phenomenologically viable. In recent years, the minimal R-symmetric
model (MRSSM) has been studied in detail. Two appealing properties are:
(1) the MRSSM is distinct from the usual MSSM in the sense that the
MRSSM does not possess an MSSM-like limit; (2) the MRSSM has fewer
parameters than the MSSM. One might therefore call the MRSSM an even
more minimal realization of SUSY. In the colloquium we will introduce
this model and provide an overview and a discussion of its properties.
It has turned out that the model has surprisingly rich and
phenomenologically successful properties. We will focus in particular on
its prediction for the Higgs boson mass, electroweak precision
observables, dark matter, LHC mass limits, and muon observables.