UK SUSY-Exotics phone meeting

Antonella De Santo (RHUL), Chris Lester (Cambridge U.)
Phone meeting to allow people to present any updates on susy/exotics analyses to members of the ATLAS UK physics community. A slot has been requested from as "ATLAS UK SUSY exotics" with "Chris Lester and Antonella De Santo". So ring in on +41 22 76 77 000. Times below are UK not CERN times.
    • 11:00 11:10
      Preamble - wait for people to connect 10m
    • 11:10 11:30
      Trilepton Analysis Update -- I 20m
      Speaker: Ms Christina Potter (RHUL)
    • 11:30 11:50
      Trilepton Analysis Update -- II 20m
      Speaker: Mr Oleg Brandt (Univ. of Oxford)
    • 11:50 12:10
      Trilepton Trigger Studies 20m
      Speaker: Jasna Dragic (RHUL)
    • 12:10 12:11
      XXX CANCELLED XXX -- Rotating Black Holes 1m
      Speakers: Dr Alan Barr (UCL), Mr James Frost (University of Cambridge)
    • 12:11 12:31
      MTGEN and the Susy Mass Scale 20m
      Speaker: Dr Christopher Lester (Cavendish Laboratory)
    • 12:31 12:51
      E/gamma Trigger Studies -- Update 20m
      Speaker: Mr Matthew Tamsett (RHUL)