5.6.2020: Ralph Dinsley (NORSS): Introducing the Conundrum(s) of Space Surveillance and Tracking


Ralph “Dinz” Dinsley, the founder and Executive Director of Northern Space and Security Limited will talk about Space Surveillance and Tracking of man-made objects in near-earth orbit and the difficulties involved in analysing and propagating the data.


Its been 63 years since the first man-made object, Sputnik 1, was launched into space.  Since then more than 45 000 objects have been catalogued entering near earth orbit however the number of artificial objects in orbit is now estimated to be in excess of 900 000 above the size of 1 cm.  Travelling at up to 17 500 mph even the smallest fragment of ‘debris’ can cause considerable damage to an operating satellite.  Furthermore the number of articles, predictions and projections of a “space debris apocalypse” have now reached a critical mass despite collisions and malfunctions in space occurring relatively infrequently.  Dinz will explore the history of space surveillance and tracking and data collection, developments on orbit operations and the need for the democratisation of data “of space” to ensure future space operations. 

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