Oct 2019 - Sept 2020

"A Complete Framework for Tau Polarimetry in B→D(∗)τν Decay" by Anna Hallin


The meson decays B\to D\tau\nuB→Dτν and B\to D^* \tau \nuB→D∗τν are sensitive probes of the b\to c\tau\nub→cτν transition. I will present recent work with Pouya Asadi, Jorge Martin Camalich, David Shih and Susanne Westhoff, where we present a complete framework to obtain the maximum information on the physics of B\to D^{(*)}\tau\nuB→D(∗)τν with polarized \tauτ leptons and unpolarized D^{(*)}D(∗) mesons. Focusing on the hadronic decays \tau\to \pi\nuτ→πν and \tau\to\rho\nuτ→ρν, we show how to extract seven \tauτ asymmetries from a fully differential analysis of the final-state kinematics. At Belle II with 50~\text{ab}^{-1}50 ab−1 of data, these asymmetries could potentially be measured with percent level statistical uncertainty. This would open a new window into possible new physics contributions in b\to c\tau\nub→cτν and would allow us to decipher its Lorentz and gauge structure.

zoom link:  https://durhamuniversity.zoom.us/j/92852452332?pwd=ZzlsTUZ5UjRvYUpTQ0pJanVQU2Jrdz09

Thanks to Anna for agreeing to be recorded for this seminar! Find it at the link below

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