Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

Internal Seminar by Jack Y. Araz



Exploring beyond the Standard Model with dark matter and collider signals.


This talk will consist of all past work which we will talk in two subcategories. First, we will talk about the phenomenological implications of some supersymmetric realisations; specifically an extension of MSSM via vector-like (VL) supermultiplets and  U(1)' extended MSSM. Then we will move on to the tools that we have developed for the reinterpretation of LHC physics.

We investigate a simple extension with two VL pairs of weak doublets (lepton and down-type quark) and a pair of VL-neutrino singlets. Both neutralino and sneutrinos can emerge as viable DM candidates in such a
framework. A complete analysis has been conducted on the DM. Furthermore, we investigate specific collider signatures that such construction can bring and demonstrate the enhanced production of events fortified with tau leptons.

Secondly, we investigated U(1) extensions of the MSSM framework within $E_6$ gauge structure by conducting a detailed analysis of the parameter space that can emerge through a variety of U(1)′ charge structures. Such a scenario predicts two DM candidates, neutralino and sneutrino. We presented a detailed analysis of low energy and cosmological observables. We will also present the specific signatures that such gauge structure can bring into collider experiments.

On the tool's side, we have recently expanded the recasting capabilities of MadAnalysis 5 package to include theoretical and systematic uncertainties, allowing for more conclusive statements in the reinterpretation context. Additionally, high-luminosity extrapolations are automatically achieved. On the other hand, the MadAnalysis 5 framework now includes a home-brew detector simulator relying on efficiency and smearing functions. It can be used for the phenomenological analysis of signal and background as well as in the reinterpretation context. It is, in particular, much faster and lightweight.

Finally, if time permits, we will talk about current and future projects.


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