Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

Internal Seminar by Lucien Heurtier



Inflaton Portal, Very Heavy Dark Matter and Ultra-High-Energy Cosmic Ray Searches


In this talk, I will present several of my works in which I have studied the possibility that the Dark-Matter particle could be as heavy as 1EeV = 1e9 GeV. I will discuss how the production of such a heavy particle in the early universe could be related to the physics of Inflation and how such connection can lead to be extremely predictive regarding both the physics of inflation and dark matter. In a second part of the talk, I will discuss how such a heavy candidate, if it is metastable, could be detected on Earth under the form of ultra-high-energy cosmic rays, and explain how it could explain the origin of the anomalous events detected by the ANITA collaboration.

Zoom link:  IPPP Seminars (Thursday at 2 pm UK time)


Meeting ID: 994 2012 4988