Oct 2020 - Sept 2021

External Seminar by Gabriele Travaglini



From scattering amplitudes to Newton’s potential and beyond 

Abstract: I will review the computation of the gravitational potential from scattering amplitudes and unitarity. I will also explain how to compute directly observable quantities such as the deflection angle for light or for gravitons passing by a heavy mass (such as a black hole). After this introduction, I will show how to extend our considerations to incorporate higher-derivative corrections to the Einstein-Hilbert theory, in the framework of effective field theories. Finally I will discuss the prospects of extending systematically such computations to higher loops using a new, gauge-invariant version of the color-kinematics BCJ duality formulated directly in a heavy-mass effective theory (which will also be briefly discussed).

Zoom link:  IPPP Seminars (Thursday at 2 pm UK time)


Meeting ID: 994 2012 4988