Oct 2021 - Sept 2022

Internal seminar: Daniel Milne and Guillaume Rostagni


Dan Milne: Optical effects of domain walls

Abstract: Domain walls arise in theories where there is spontaneous symmetry breaking of a discrete symmetry such as Z_N and are a feature of many BSM models. In this talk I'll look at three different methods of coupling the domain wall to the photon and what the optical effects of these couplings would be. We consider the effects of these couplings in the context of gravitational wave detectors, such as LIGO, and examine the sensitivity of these experiments to domain wall effects. In cases where gravitational wave detectors are not sensitive we examine our results in the context of axion experiments and show how effects of passing domain walls can be detected at interferometerssearching for an axion signal.

Guillaume Rostagni: Towards spectroscopy bounds for fundamental physics

Abstract: High-precision experiments allow physicists to probe low-energy physics phenomena with extreme precision. Starting by considering an example model, I will justify the appeal of these experiments and sketch a framework for translating the mathematical language of particle physics into that of spectroscopy. As this work is still in a preliminary stage, I will expose some of the challenges we expect to encounter and what can be learned once we overcome them.

Zoom link:  IPPP Seminars (Friday at 2 pm UK time)


Meeting ID: 994 2012 4988