Oct 2021 - Sept 2022

Internal seminar by Peter Meinzinger and Tommy Smith


Peter Meinzinger

Title: Simulation of photoproduction events in Sherpa

Photoproduction events are an important aspect in various collider experiments as they allow to probe the properties of the photon as well as producing a wide variety of final states. Recently, effort has been made to improve and validate the inclusion of this event type in the Sherpa event generator. I will first present changes that have been made in Sherpa to accommodate an efficient calculation of the phase space and explain the approximations that we took for this implementation. I then comare the simulation against data from the OPAL, L3 and ZEUS experiments where we achieve already very good agreement with the data. I will then review different ways to improve the overall accuracy of the simulation by different considerations and extensions of the calculation.

Tommy Smith

Title: Electroweak Input Schemes in the SMEFT
In recent years a great deal of work has been put into the framework that is the Standard Model Effective Field Theory.One loop calculations are currently being used to increase the precision of SMEFT predictions. Within these predictions, three Electroweak input parameters need to be decided on, with the historically accepted choice in the SM being the set {Alpha_EW, G_f, MZ}. Our work considers this choice of inputs and compares them to other, potentially more suitable, choices. We calculate the full decay rate of a number of processes up to one loop at dimension 6 in the SMEFT using three different input schemes. Comparison of the size of corrections, the number of different Wilson coefficients and the source of the Wilson coefficients appears enables discussion on the desirability of each potential input scheme allowing a more informed decision on scheme choice to be determined for future calculations.


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