Nov 21 – 22, 2023
Europe/London timezone

Zoom instructions

Registered participants will receive the zoom connection details by email.

We ask that participants and speakers observe the following protocol:


  • Please set your Zoom profile to display your first and last name.
  • You will automatically be muted when you join the meeting. Only unmute yourself if the session chair calls on you to ask a question.
  • Questions will be taken at the end of the talks (not during). To ask a question, use the "raise hand" feature on Zoom (available from the Participants List), and wait to be called on by the chairperson.  
  • Alternatively, you can ask a question through the chat feature (address the question to everybody rather than just the speaker or the chair), but verbal questions will be given priority.  


Before the talk:

  • Upload your slides to the timetable at least 30 minutes in advance of the session. If you encounter any difficulties, please contact us at .
  • Please join the meeting 15 minutes before the start of the session containing your talk, so we can test your screen sharing, video and audio.

During the talk: 

  • The chair will ask for you to unmute yourself and share your screen in fullscreen mode right before your talk begins, and moderate questions at the end. Make sure to disable alert tones (from incoming mail, etc) on your computer. 
  • The chair will give you chat alerts with 5 minutes and then with 1 minute remaining in your talk (only at 1 minute for student talks). These may be hard to pick up on, so you will also receive verbal alerts if it seems that you are in danger of running over time. 
  • If your screen sharing is not functioning but your audio still works, the chair will display your slides. 

After the talk:

  • After the chair thanks you, be sure to stop sharing your screen and mute yourself.