Oct 2022 - Sept 2023

Arpan Kar: Dark Matter search using astrophysical observations: present status and future prospects



Abstract: In this talk, I shall discuss the present status of dark matter (DM) based on the existing astrophysical data and its future possibilities with upcoming observations. I shall show that a generalized analysis of available astrophysical data can allow a wide range of parameter space for thermal WIMP DM. An alternative way to constrain the WIMPs is to search for its signal using the upcoming radio telescope Square Kilometer Array (SKA). The SKA, as I shall present, can probe much deeper into the GeV-TeV scale DM parameter space. Furthermore, it will be shown that in the case of the MeV DM, too, the SKA will be able to probe such a range of the parameter space that is beyond the reach of the existing observations. In addition, the SKA can also detect the signatures of popular non-thermal DM candidates like PBHs. Another possible hunting ground for DM can be the compact celestial objects. I shall show that the data of compact stars like White Dwarves (WDs) and neutron stars can constrain the interactions of WIMP with the constituents of such stars, thereby providing useful information regarding the WIMP parameter space. This in principle can constrain some well motivated DM scenarios.


Zoom Meeting ID: 948 7183 3595