July 26, 2010 to August 5, 2010
Europe/London timezone

Travel information

General information

An excellent source of information for traveling in Germany is provided by the Deutsche Bahn. Apart from providing information about their own services they also give information about most train connections in Europe and many local trains and buses in Germany. To get to the hotel, Waldhotel Zollernblick, choose "Lauterbad Zollernblick, Freudenstadt" as your end destination. This will bring you to a bus stop just 200 meters from the hotel. From this bus stop, follow the sign to the hotel.

Most travelers would probably like to go to Waldhotel Zollernblick via the small town Freudenstadt. In this case, to continue with bus, exit at the station "Freudenstadt Stadtbahnhof=Freudenstadt Stadt". From there buses leave to Lauterbad Zollernblick. As the buses don't go often, and don't go late (the latest on Sunday leaves at 18.35), some travelers may choose to walk from Freudenstadt to the hotel, in this case exit at the "Freudenstadt Hauptbahnhof". From there it's a 30 min walk.

Arriving by plane

For traveling to the vicinity of Lauterbad, there are several airports to choose from:

Frankfurt airport

Frankfurt airport is a major airport in Europe with many long distance connections. The journey from Frankfurt airport to Lauterbad typically goes by train to Karlsuhe Hauptbahnhof and then continues with the local "S-Bahn", line S31 or S41 (direction Freudenstadt or Eutingen i. Gäu), to Freudenstadt, however, alternative options exist. In Freudenstadt, exit at the station "Freudenstadt Stadtbahnhof=Freudenstadt Stadt" (the train does stop there although it doesn't look like it on the time table). From Freudenstadt Stadtbahnhof buses leave to Lauterbad Zollernblick. For more information, use the Deutsche Bahn home page, with starting point "Frankfurt(M) Flughafen Fernbf " and final destination "Lauterbad Zollernblick, Freudenstadt".

This list of connections between Karlsruhe and Lauterbad Zollernblick may also be useful.

Note that there will be a bus driving from Karlsruhe Hauptbahnhof to the hotel on July 25th at approximately 17.15 to arrive in time for dinner. There will also be a bus returning from the hotel to Kalrsruhe Hauptbahnhof, leaving at approximately 09.00 on Thursday 5th August and arriving at approximately 11.00.

If you miss the bus, please take a train to Freudenstadt and then perhaps the bus to Lauterbad - see the instructions above. 

Karlsruhe Baden-Baden airport

Karlsruhe Baden-Baden airport is a small airport close to the city Baden-Baden. It is operated by several low cost companies but suffers from relatively poor public communications. Information on how to get to Lauterbad Zollernblick can be found on Deutsche Bahn using "FKB Baden-Airpark" as starting point and "Lauterbad Zollernblick, Freudenstadt" as destination.

Stuttgart airport

To find connections from Stuttgart airport to Lauterbad, use the Deutsche Bahn page with starting point "Stuttgart Flughafen/Messe" and "Lauterbad Zollernblick, Freudenstadt" as destination.

Strasbourg airport

From Strasbourg airport there is a new shuttle train to Strasbourg central station. From there it is possible to continue with train. Use "Strasbourg Aeroport" (Entzheim) as starting point and "Lauterbad Zollernblick, Freudenstadt", as destination to find more information at Deutsche Bahn.