Status of theoretical tools

9 Sep 2010, 14:30


With the exception of the dedicated NLO talk, the talks in this session are not meant as advertisement talks for the tools (the NLO talk will of course support the idea that NLO is better than LO!).
Instead they should center around the assessment of uncertainties in the approaches, for example:
- dependence on merging systematics (for the LO merging)
- dependence on different treatment of higher-order terms (for the NLO matching)
- scale choices and uncertainties
- treatment of error-pdfs
- dependence on underlying event and other soft stuff
Although the reserved slots are 20 minutes each, something more like 2-3 slides per generator are anticipated.

Presentation Materials

There are no materials yet.
Lance Dixon (SLAC)
09/09/2010, 14:30
Andrea Messina, Ben Cooper, Michelangelo Mangano
09/09/2010, 15:00
Keith Hamilton
09/09/2010, 15:20
09/09/2010, 16:00
Stefan Prestel
09/09/2010, 16:30
Emanuele Re
09/09/2010, 16:50
Marek Schoenherr
09/09/2010, 17:10
Keith Hamilton
09/09/2010, 17:30
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