CMS - IPPP Senior Experimental Fellowship Meeting on Dark Matter

from Monday, 8 December 2014 (14:00) to Wednesday, 10 December 2014 (14:00)
8 - 10 Berkeley Square (G10/11)

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8 Dec 2014
9 Dec 2014
10 Dec 2014
Simplified Models for Dark Matter - Sarah Malik (Imperial College) Prof. Valentin V Khoze (IPPP) Oliver Buchmueller (Imperial College) Philip Harris (CERN) Dr Emanuele Re (IPPP, Durham University) (until 10:30) (G10/11)
09:00 Scalar, pseudo-scalar and other simplified models for DM searches - Philip Harris (CERN) Dorival Goncalves (IPPP Durham) Ciaran Williams (IPPP)   (G10/11)
10:30 --- Tea/Coffee ---
Tools for Simplified Model production -Prof. Valentin V Khoze (IPPP) Oliver Buchmueller (Imperial College) Ciaran Williams (IPPP) Philip Harris (CERN) Emanuele Re (University of Oxford) (until 12:30) (G10/11)
11:00 Tools for SM production: MCGM, POWHEG etc. - Dr Emanuele Re (IPPP, Durham University) Ciaran Williams (IPPP) Philip Harris (CERN)   (G10/11)
New Ideas for DM searches and interpretations - Oliver Buchmueller (Imperial College) Prof. Valentin V Khoze (IPPP) Christopher McCabe (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam) Bjoern Penning (Imperial College) (until 12:30) (1.11 The Old Council Chamber)
09:00 Multi-component DM / boosted objects incl. bosons / asymmetric DM   (1.11 The Old Council Chamber)
10:30 --- Tea/Coffee ---
11:00 Light mass mediators / determining DM couplings at LHC / compatibility of galactic centre excess with popular BSM models   (1.11 The Old Council Chamber)
14:00 Welcome - Henning Flaecher (University of Bristol)   (G10/11)
Higgs Portal Models - Henning Flaecher (University of Bristol) Dr Jim Brooke (Bristol) Sarah Malik (Imperial College) (until 17:30) (G10/11)
14:10 Lessons learned from reinterpretation of CMS Higgs to invisible search - Dr Jim Brooke (Bristol) Dominic Smith (University of Bristol)   (G10/11)
14:55 gg fusion mono-jet and multijet + met constraints on Hinv - Sarah Malik (Imperial College)   (G10/11)
15:40 --- Tea/Coffee ---
16:10 Simplified Models for Hinv searches/Higgs portal models - Prof. Valentin V Khoze (IPPP)   (G10/11)
12:30 --- Lunch ---
Complementarity: Collider DM searches but also direct/indirect searches - Christopher McCabe (GRAPPA, University of Amsterdam) Sarah Malik (Imperial College) Bjoern Penning (Imperial College) (until 17:30) (G10/11)
14:00 Complementarity between different collider signatures   (G10/11)
15:30 --- Tea/Coffee ---
16:00 Complementarity between experiments   (G10/11)