Jul 24 – 30, 2016
Highfield Campus, University of Southampton
Europe/London timezone

Nucleon form factors and couplings with $N_{\mathrm f}=2+1$ Wilson fermions

Jul 28, 2016, 4:50 PM
Building B2a Room 2077 (Highfield Campus, University of Southampton)

Building B2a Room 2077

Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

Talk Hadron Structure Hadron Structure


Dr Tim Harris (Helmholtz-Institut Mainz)


We present updated results on the isovector electromagnetic form factors and axial coupling of the nucleon calculated using the CLS ensembles with $N_{\mathrm f}=2+1$ flavours of Wilson fermions. Systematic effects are investigated by covering a range of lattice spacings and pseudoscalar masses. Efficient variance reduction is achieved with the truncated solver method. The strategy to renormalize nucleon matrix elements with the Rome-Southampton method is discussed.

Primary author

Dr Tim Harris (Helmholtz-Institut Mainz)


Dr Dalibor Djukanovic (Helmholtz-Institut Mainz) Dr Georg von Hippel (University of Mainz) Prof. Hartmut Wittig (University of Mainz) Prof. Harvey Meyer (Johannes-Gutenberg University Mainz) Dr Parikshit Junnarkar (Helmholtz-Institut Mainz)

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