Jul 24 – 30, 2016
Highfield Campus, University of Southampton
Europe/London timezone

Six-dimensional regularization of chiral gauge theories on a lattice I

Jul 26, 2016, 4:30 PM
Building 67 Room 1003 (Highfield Campus, University of Southampton)

Building 67 Room 1003

Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

Talk Theoretical Developments Theoretical Developments


Dr Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka University)


We propose a 6-dimensional lattice regularization of chiral gauge theories. In our formulation, Weyl fermions are localized on the junction of two different domain-walls. One domain-wall naturally exhibits the Stora-Zumino chain of the anomaly descent equations. Another domain-wall mediates a similar inflow of the global anomalies. The anomaly free condition is equivalent to requiring the measure of the 6-dimensional Dirac fermions to cancel the axial U(1) and parity anomalies. ``Localizing'' the gauge fields on the 4-dimensional junction using the Yang-Mills gradient flow, as proposed by Grabowska and Kaplan, we non-perturbatively define the 4-dimensional path integral of the target chiral gauge theory. In the first talk, we present the basic idea of our formulation, emphasizing on why the 6-th dimension is needed for the global anomalies. In the second talk, we explain our lattice set-up in details.

Primary author

Dr Hidenori Fukaya (Osaka University)


Mr Ryo Yamamura (Osaka U.) Mr Shota Yamamoto (Osaka University) Prof. Tetsuya Onogi (Osaka University)

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