1-3 August 2016
Plymouth University
Europe/London timezone
The 14th International workshop on QCD in extreme conditions, Aug. 1-3 2016

The density of states method applied to the Ising model with an imaginary magnetic field

2 Aug 2016, 09:45
Portland Square (Plymouth University)

Portland Square

Plymouth University

Drake Circus Plymouth, Devon PL4 8AA, UK
Talk Quantum Field Theories of dense, cold matter Tuesday AM


Dr Philippe de Forcrand (ETH Zurich & CERN)


Above the Curie temperature, the Ising model partition function can vanish under the effect of an imaginary magnetic field, as first shown by Lee and Yang. This system has a severe sign problem. We study it numerically, using the density of states method. In particular, we consider how the computer effort scales with the system size.

Primary author

Dr Philippe de Forcrand (ETH Zurich & CERN)


Mr Tobias Rindlisbacher (ETH Zürich)

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