Aug 1 – 3, 2016
Plymouth University
Europe/London timezone
The 14th International workshop on QCD in extreme conditions, Aug. 1-3 2016

Aims & Scope

eXtreme QCD (XQCD) is a series of international workshop-style conferences, held annually, which aims to cover recent advances in the theory and phenomenology of QCD under extreme conditions of temperature and/or baryon density, together with related topics. This year’s meeting is organised by the Centre for Mathematical Science (CMS) at Plymouth University.

A tentative list of topics is:

  • QCD phase diagram (critical endpoint calculations, phenomenological models)
  • Quantum Field Theories of dense, cold matter (the sign problem)
  • Properties of the quark-gluon plasma (energy-momentum tensor, QCD thermodynamics, transport, out-of-equilibrium systems)
  • Condensed matter systems (Fermi gas and Hubbard model)
  • Recent progress from Heavy Ion Collision Experiments (LHC Run 2, RHIC Beam Energy Scan and plans for the FAIR and NICA facilities)
  • Strongly interacting Dark Matter