28-29 November 2017
The Cosener's House
Europe/London timezone

Participant List

77 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alastair Wickens Kings College London
Alexander Lenz IPPP, Durham
Alexander Murphy University of Edinburgh
Alexander Titterton University of Bristol
Alon Faraggi University of Liverpool
Andreas Freise University of Birmingham
Andreas Korn University College London
Andres Olivares del Campo IPPP, Durham
Andrew Cheek IPPP, Durham
Andrew Pilkington University of Manchester
Ben Geytenbeek University of Cambridge
Bjoern Penning Brandeis University/University of Bristol
Bob Brown STFC RAL
Candice Basson University of Manchester
Carlos Frenk Durham University
Chris Hays University of Oxford
Christopher McCabe King's College London
Claire Shepherd STFC RAL
Constance Mahony University College London
Darren Price University of Manchester
David Miller University College London Retired
David Newbold University of Bristol/STFC RAL
David G. Cerdeño IPPP, Durham
Ed Copeland University of Nottingham
Edward Hardy University of Liverpool
Elisa Chisari University of Oxford
Emmanuel Olaiya STFC RAL
Evelina Bouhova-Thacker Lancaster University
Frank Deppisch University College London
Gabija Zemaityte University of Oxford
Gerasimos Rigopoulos Newcastle University
Gill Birch STFC RAL
Iacopo Vivarelli University of Sussex
Ian Moss Newcastle University
Ian Tomalin STFC RAL
Jacques Delabrouille CNRS
Joerg Jaeckel ITP Heidelberg
Jorge Casalderrey Solana University of Oxford
Jose Miguel No King's College London
Joseph Silk University of Oxford/IAP
Katie Marshall Newcastle University
Keith Ellis IPPP, Durham
Kieran Finn University of Manchester
Lukasz Kreczko University of Bristol
Marcela González University College London
Marcelle Soares-Santos Brandeis University
Marios Bounakis Newcastle University
Matheus Hostert IPPP, Durham University
Matous Vozak University of Manchester
Michael Teper University of Oxford
Monika Wielers STFC RAL
Nassim Bozorgnia IPPP, Durham
Nicholas Jennings University of Oxford
Nicolas Angelides University College London
Patrick Bolton University College London
Patrick Tunney King's College London
Paul Kyberd Brunel University
Rebecca Pickles University of Manchester
Seth Zenz Imperial College London
Simon King University of Southampton
Stefan Söldner-Rembold University of Manchester
Stefania Ricciardi STFC RAL
Stephan Huber University of Sussex
Stephen Burke STFC RAL
Stephen Haywood STFC RAL
Steve Worm University of Birmingham
Stewart Martin-Haugh STFC RAL
Subir Sarkar University of Oxford
Teppei Katori Queen Mary University of London
Tessa Baker University of Oxford
Tim Morris University of Southampton
Tricia Shand STFC RAL
Umit Utku University College London
Valeri Khoze IPPP, Durham
Wei Liu University College London
Wilbur Venus STFC RAL Retired
William Murray STFC RAL/University of Warwick
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