Oct 2017 - Sep 2018

Fully differential NNLO(+NNLL) computations with MATRIX

by Marius Wiesemann (CERN)


The computational framework MATRIX is introduced, which has recently been published.
The code allows for the evaluation of fully differential NNLO predictions for a wide
class of processes in hadronic collisions, including the production of a single or
a pair of color-neutral bosons. By accounting for all resonant and non-resonant diagrams,
off-shell effects and spin correlations, all possible leptonic channels have become
available for the first time. I review relevant phenomenological results for diboson
production obtained with MATRIX and present novel NNLO results for two lepton plus
missing ET signatures. Furthermore, the development of transverse-momentum resummation
at NNLL for all processes available within the MATRIX framework is discussed.

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