Oct 2017 - Sep 2018

Searches for the Higgs pair production at the HL-LHC and beyond

by Shankha Banerjee (IPPP)


In this talk, I will discuss the present status of the di-Higgs searches at the LHC. I will then quantify the prospects of witnessing signatures of these elusive modes in the $b \bar{b} \gamma \gamma$, $b \bar{b} \tau^+ \tau^-$, $b \bar{b} W W^*$, $W W^* \gamma \gamma$ and the $4W$ channels at the high luminosity run of the LHC (HL-LHC). Furthermore, I will discuss the status of invisible Higgs decays in the context of a Higgs pair production, where one of the Higgs bosons may decay invisibly. Contaminations to these final states are possible from various new physics scenarios and I will quantify some such new physics cases which may contaminate our di-Higgs signals. Finally, I will discuss the prospects of measuring the Higgs self-coupling at the futuristic 100 TeV collider when the two Higgs bosons are produced in association with an additional hard jet.

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