YTF 11

from Wednesday, 19 December 2018 (11:00) to Thursday, 20 December 2018 (13:00)
Centre for Particle Theory, Durham

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19 Dec 2018
20 Dec 2018
09:00 Clustering algorithms for b-jets from BSM Higgs Bosons. - Mr Billy Ford (University of Southampton)   (CM101)
09:00 What do knots, quantum computation and field theories have in common? - Mr Rajath Radhakrishnan (Queen Mary University of London)   (CM107)
09:25 A Gentle Introduction to Supersymmetric Localization - Mr Matthew Renwick (Department of Mathematical Sciences, Durham University)   (CM107)
09:25 Light charged Higgs boson with dominant cb decay from 3HDM and its search at LHC and future colliders - Muyuan Song (University of Southampton)   (CM101)
09:50 Different aspects of single top quark and DM channel - Ms Charanjit Kaur Khosa (University of Sussex)   (CM101)
09:50 Resurgence and Non-Perturbative Physics - Philip Glass (Durham University)   (CM107)
10:15 Non-Minimal Flavour Violation in the MSSM from a flavoured SU(5) GUT - Sam Rowley (University of Southampton)   (CM101)
10:15 Towards a classification of supersymmetric spacetimes - Mr Ross Grassie   (CM107)
10:40 --- Tea, Coffee and Biscuits ---
11:00 Gravity amplitudes, observables and classical scattering - Maybee Ben (University of Edinburgh)   (CM107)
11:00 Higher Order QCD Calculations with NNLOJET - Duncan Walker (IPPP, Durham University)   (CM101)
11:25 Developing an amplitude level parton shower. - Mr Jack Holguin (The University of Manchester)   (CM101)
11:25 Semiclassical gravity in the far field of stars and black holes - Jake Percival (University of Sheffield)   (CM107)
11:50 Non-perturbative aspects of Sp(2N) gauge theories. - Jack Holligan (Swansea University)   (CM101)
11:50 Renormalised vacuum polarisation on topological black holes - Thomas Morley (University of Sheffield)   (CM107)
Lunch (until 13:30) ()
Registration and Check-In (until 14:30) ()
Welcome (until 14:40) (CM101)
14:40 Applications of gauge/gravity duality - Matthew Russell (Southampton)   (CM107)
14:40 Quasi-Degenerate Vacua in the KSVZ axion model; A minimal approach to dark energy and dark matter - Ms Amy Lloyd-Stubbs (Lancaster University)   (CM101)
15:05 Coincident M5-branes and dual singular geometries - Callum Brodie (University of Oxford)   (CM107)
15:05 Production and thermalisation of isolated sectors - Hannah Tillim (University of Oxford)   (CM101)
15:30 Central charge of self-dual strings from holography - Mr Ronnie Rodgers (University of Southampton)   (CM107)
15:30 Shedding Light on the Initial Conditions of Inflation with the Eisenhart Lift - Mr Kieran Finn (University of Manchester)   (CM101)
15:55 Anisotropies in the stochastic gravitational-wave background - Alex Jenkins (King's College London)   (CM101)
15:55 The orientifold quotient of giant gravitons - Christopher Lewis-Brown (Queen Mary University of London)   (CM107)
16:20 --- Tea, Coffee and Biscuits ---
16:45 Bifurcations in the RG-Flow of QCD - Folkert Kuipers   (CM101)
16:45 Fermionically Generated Superstrata - Nejc Ceplak (Queen Mary, University of London)   (CM107)
17:10 Global Fixed Points of Scalar and Fermionic Theories - Mr Bradley Garland (University of Sussex)   (CM101)
17:10 Heterotic M2-Branes - Rishi Mouland (King’s College London)   (CM107)
17:35 Renormalization Group Properties of the Conformal Mode - Matthew Kellett (University of Southampton)   (CM101)
17:35 Supergravity on a 3-Torus: Quantum Linearisation Instabilities with a Supergroup - Mr Lasse Schmieding (University of York)   (CM107)
18:00 --- Tea, Coffee and Biscuits ---
Plenary Speaker: Prof. Toby Wiseman (until 19:20) (CM101)
Posters and Pizza (until 20:30) (Bransden Room)
12:15 Isospin breaking corrections to leptonic decay rates on the lattice - James Richings (stfc southampton phd student and former durham undergraduate student)   (CM101)
12:15 Quantum Gravity and the dilaton portal - Mr Alex Mitchell-Lister (University of Southampton)   (CM107)