29-30 May 2019
Europe/Madrid timezone

Welcome to the website about the activity "Searching for Extragalactic Neutrinos with IceCube", aimed at physics students  in their last or second to last year of high school. In this website, you will be able to find the steps you can follow to carry out this activity with your students, slides with details about neutrinos, IceCube and the activity, another set of slides with the main conclusions from this workshop, and a short quiz that your students can answer in order to asses how much they have learned!

During this activity, your students will have the chance to analyse real data from the neutrino detector IceCube (based at the South Pole) in order to identify neutrinos that were created beyond our solar system. The main goal of this activity is to repeat the analysis carried out by IceCube scientists, which was published in the famous scientific journal Science in November 2013.

This activity has been funded by the Spanish version of "I am a Scientist, get me out of here!" ("Somos científicos, sácanos de aquí"), after winning the Aluminium Zone during the November 2017 edition. Moreover, I am grateful for the partial funding from the Institute for Particle Physics Phenomenology at Durham University (UK) and the ERC NuMass. Finally, this activity is based on the material developed for the IceCube Masterclass.



Video about the activity:




Website in Spanish.


Further information:

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