Oct 2019 - Sept 2020

Quantum Computers: A breakthrough in information processing and applications in high energy physics

by Mr Michele Grossi (IBM/CERN)


Quantum computing is emerging as a new paradigm for the solution of a wide class of problems that are not accessible by conventional high performance computers based on classical algorithms. Quantum computers can in principle efficiently solve problems that require exponential resources on classical hardware, even when using the best known classical algorithms.

In the last few years, several interesting problems with potential quantum speedup have been brought forward in the domain of quantum physics.In this talk, we will first introduce the basics of quantum computing using super-conducting qubits, the technology from industrial point of view, applications and algorithms for quantum computing.

Then, in the context of high energy physics, an overview of current HEP application using quantum computing is presented, in particular activity in Vector Boson Scattering.