Dec 15 – 16, 2020
Centre for Particle Theory, Durham
Europe/London timezone

An Introduction to moduli spaces of 3d N=4 SUSY quiver gauge theories

Dec 15, 2020, 2:00 PM
Teams (Centre for Particle Theory, Durham)


Centre for Particle Theory, Durham

IPPP & Dept. Mathematical Sciences Durham University South Road Durham DH1 3LE


Kirsty Gledhill (Imperial College London)


This talk is aimed at those who may be unfamiliar with many concepts that appear in the title. To this end, the topic will be broken down thoroughly, and along the way some basic concepts will be reviewed. It hopes to give an understandable and simple introduction into the rich field of supersymmetric quiver gauge theories. The ideas of gauge theories and group theory will be briefly reviewed, before discussing N=4 supersymmetry in 3 dimensions and the structure of the moduli space of vacua of theories with such symmetry. The quiver formulation of such theories is presented, showing how to encode all the important information in a simple diagram. Motivations and directions of study are discussed. If time permits, a link to string theory will be established through the realisation of gauge theories on the world volume of Dirichlet branes.

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Primary author

Kirsty Gledhill (Imperial College London)

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