YETI 2022: Phenomenology in the sky

D/PH8 (Rochester Building)


Rochester Building


The YETI school serves to promote interaction between theorists and experimentalists at the early career stage and to encourage interest in phenomenology. YETI aims to give a pedagogical introduction to a particular area of topical interest in particle physics.

This year the topic of the school will be "Phenomenology in the sky", it will cover selected topics in astroparticle physics and gravitational waves.

The school will be held in person and Ph.D. students from the UK are invited and encouraged to attend.  As is traditional for YETI, the school will feature both lectures and hands-on workshops. 

We encourage participants to register before the school (it's free!) so that we can keep track of the number of participants and send relevant announcements. Please note that there may be a selection process for attendees, results will be announced by mid June.

Confirmed speakers:

  • Christopher Berry (Glasgow)
  • Christian Byrnes (Sussex)
  • John Ellis (KCL/CERN)
  • Malcolm Fairbairn (KCL)
  • Ed Hardy (Liverpool)
  • Rachel Houtz (IPPP)
  • Lucien Heurtier (IPPP)
  • Francisco Torrenti (Basel)
  • Adrien Florio (Stony Brook)
  • Cora Uhlemann (Newcastle)
  • David Weir (Helsinki)

Thanks to Ansh Bhatnagar (IPPP) for designing our poster!

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  • Alexander Sicilia
  • Anna Mullin
  • Ansh Bhatnagar
  • Arad Nasiri
  • Bill Atkins
  • Bowen Fu
  • Bradley March
  • Cal Hewitt
  • Charles Valdez
  • Dan Milne
  • Dennis Lindebaum
  • Dorian Amaral
  • Eduard Atonga
  • Eetu Loisa
  • emma albertini
  • Guillaume Rostagni
  • Jack Shergold
  • James Maxwell
  • Jan Kożuszek
  • John Carlton
  • Joshua Green
  • Kieran Wood
  • Lucien Wacquez
  • Martin Murin
  • Mia West
  • Michael Soughton
  • Michelle Gurevich
  • Robert Mason
  • Rui Wang
  • Sebastian Jaskiewicz
  • Sergio Sevillano Muñoz
  • Simon Williams
  • Sofie Erner
  • Sparshita Dey
  • Sumer Jaitly
  • Swagat Saurav Mishra
  • Tailin Zhu
  • Tomasz Procter
  • Wanxiang Fan
  • Wendy Gray
  • Yannick Kluth
  • Yannick Ulrich
  • Zainab Alsolami
  • Zoë Earnshaw