Apr 19 – 21, 2023
Europe/London timezone

Hadron spectroscopy at GlueX

Apr 19, 2023, 1:10 PM
Room OC218 (IPPP)

Room OC218


Invited talk Talks


Peter Hurck (University of Glasgow)


The study of the spectrum of hadrons provides important insights into the interaction of the strong force. Photoproduction experiments play a key role in these investigations and are used in the search for hadrons with both conventional as well as exotic quantum numbers, such as mesons with gluonic degrees of freedom.
The GlueX experiment at Jefferson Lab, features a 9 GeV linearly polarized photon beam incident on a LH2 target, which is surrounded by an almost hermetic detector system. This makes GlueX an ideal tool to search for hadrons in a wide variety of final states with both charged and neutral final state particles, including strange hadrons decaying into kaons.
This talk presents results for from our initial campaign of data taking.

Primary author

Peter Hurck (University of Glasgow)

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