UK Future collider town-hall

Sarah Williams (University of Cambridge)

Following two successful UK Early Career Researcher (ECR) meetings discussing future colliders beyond the LHC in 2022 (the first in Birmingham in April:, the second in Cambridge in November: ), this town-hall aims to encourage everyone in the UK High Energy Physics community (both ECRs and non-ECRs) to come together and discuss the prospects and challenges associated with possible roadmaps for future collider experiments. The organising committee is comprised of ECRs and researchers recently engaged in ECR activities. The event will be divided in two, with the first part including short “flash talks” on topics including the physics prospects, detector and accelerator challenges, software and computing, sociological and sustainability challenges and outreach, to ensure the event is accessible to members of the community who are new to discussions on future colliders. Slides will be made available in advance and speakers will be encouraged to provide a detailed set of backup slides containing additional reading for those wanting to further their understanding of the topic. This will be followed by the open “town-hall” where attendees will be encouraged to have open discussions about the future roadmap. The event will be run in hybrid format, and is sponsored by the IOP High Energy Particle Physics group.


Zoom link:


Password: 570045


This meeting is hosted by the University of Birmingham and precedes the PPAP community meeting, details of which can be found here: 


The meeting willl be in the Physics West Lecture Theatre 117, R8 on the campus map


UK future collider town hall