ILC Exhibition

12 pages booklet on ILC
9-Cell Cavity (DESY)
Accelerator Model (Durham)
Bending magnet (Oxford)
Drive Your Own Accelerator
Jon Bagger's ILC talk at AAAS (DESY)
Material prepared for visit of MP
Neil Calder's talk for HEP Advisory Panel (old but with good messages) (DESY)
Poster about particles acceleration (JAI, Oxford)
Poster Calice (RAL)
Poster Crab Cavity (Lancaster)
Poster Damping Rings (Cockcroft)
Poster Helical (Cockcroft)
Poster Higgs (Durham)
Poster ILC-overview (Oxford)
Poster LCFI (Oxford)
Poster on LC-ABD
Poster on LC-ABD at Oxford
Poster on trigger for test beam (Bristol)
Poster on vertexing at the ILC (Bristol)
Poster SUSY-DM (Durham)
Poster SUSY-GUT (Durham)
Poster template (Durham draft)
Royal Society Summer Exhibition Proposal
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