Jul 24 – 30, 2016
Highfield Campus, University of Southampton
Europe/London timezone

Rho meson decay width in SU(2) gauge theories with 2 fundamental flavours.

Jul 28, 2016, 4:30 PM
Building 67 Room 1027 (Highfield Campus, University of Southampton)

Building 67 Room 1027

Highfield Campus, University of Southampton

Talk Physics Beyond the Standard Model Physics Beyond the Standard Model


Dr Tadeusz Janowski (CP3-Origins)


SU(2) gauge theories with two quark flavours in the fundamental representation are among the most promising theories of composite dynamics describing the electroweak sector. Three out of five Goldstone bosons in these models become the longitudinal components of the W and Z bosons giving them mass. Like in QCD we expect a spectrum of excitations which appear as resonances in vector boson scattering, in particular the vector resonance corresponding to the rho-meson in QCD. In this talk I will present the preliminary results of the first calculation of the rho-meson decay width in this theory, which is analogous to rho to two pions decay calculation in QCD. The results presented were calculated using 2 moving frames on s single ensemble. Future plans include using 3 moving frames on a larger set of ensembles to extract the resonance parameters more reliably and also take the chiral and continuum limits.

Primary author

Dr Tadeusz Janowski (CP3-Origins)


Prof. Claudio Pica (CP3-Origins) Dr Vincent Drach (CERN)

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