Sep 21 – 23, 2016
Europe/London timezone

Scientific Program

The workshop will concentrate on four different topics:

  1. Extraction of the VBF signal
  2. Precision VBF measurements
  3. Higgs VBF measurement
  4. Novel VBF searches

Session 1: VBF signal extraction and associated data-driven background constraints

Experimental input:

  • Lessons from ATLAS for VBF W/Z
  • Multivariate techniques in Higgs boson studies

Theory input:

  • Modelling of non-VBF processes
  • Signal/background interference
  • EW corrections to signal/background processes

Session 2: Precision measurements of VBF Standard Candle Processes

Experimental input:

  • experimental VBF W/Z results

Theory input:

  • can we extract VBF processes cleanly (EWK vs EWK+QCD measurements)
  • observables of interest

Session 3: Higgs properties in VBF

Experimental input:

  • ATLAS measurement of CP-invariance in H->tautau
  • ATLAS measurement of CP-properties in H->yy
  • General discussion: pros and cons of previous approaches

Theory input:

  • What can VBF do for Higgs measurements?

Session 4: Novel searches for new physics via VBF:

Theory input

  • the dark sector [input on DM, dark energy?, simplified model vs EFT in VBF, etc]

  • lepton flavour/number violation in VBF processes?

  • the CONTUR method

  • From FeynRules -> MC: what is possible and what is not.