21-25 November 2016
Lumley Castle
Europe/London timezone

Scientific Programme


Astrophysics and Dark Matter

Indirect Dark Matter detection: neutrinos, cosmic-rays and gamma-rays

Direct Dark Matter detection

Particle Models for Dark Matter


Collider searches for Dark Matter

Axions and Axion-like Particles

Cosmology, N-body simulations and Gravitational waves



Aldo Morselli
Alexander Murphy
Alicia Sintes*
Andrew Spray
Anne Green
Ayuki Kamada
Carlos Frenk
Celine Boehm
Chang Sub Shin
Felix Kahlhoefer
Francesca Calore
Jong Chul Park
Jose Cembranos
Jose Valle
Juande Zornoza
Keith Olive
Kenji Kadota
Ki Young Choi
Kiwoon Choi
Kyu Jung Bae
Laura Covi
Laura Lopez Honorez
Malcolm Fairbairn
Manel Masip
Marco Taoso
Mariangeles Perez*
Marisa Sarsa
Miguel Angel Sanchez Conde
Miquel Ardid
Myeonghun Park
Nassim Bozorgnia
Nicolao Fornengo
Pat Scott
Paula Chadwick
Riccardo Catena
Roberto Lineros
Sanghui Im
Sarah Malik
Stefano Scopel
Takeo Moroi
Thomas Flacke
Veronica Sanz

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