Seminar Room (IPPP)

Seminar Room


The meeting will focus on Beyond the Standard Model physics in particular SUSY. Topics for discussion include: identification of new physics, limit setting/interpretation and an experiment-up approach to SUSY scenarios and parameters. Practical sessions will introduce various SUSY packages giving e.g. sparticle mass spectra, to provide attendees the ability to explore SUSY parameter space without expert knowledge.
    • Introduction to SUSY
      • 1
        Physics for SOFTSUSY & ISASUSY
        Speaker: Grellscheid, D etc al (IPPP)
      • 2
        Computing Lab
    • SUSY Models
      • 3
        SUSY Breaking Scenarios
      • 4
        Computing Lab
    • Formal session
      • 5
        Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Limits
        Speaker: Roger Barlow (Manchester)
        more information
      • 6
        Effective Theories
        Speaker: Ball, P (IPPP)
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      • 7
      • 8
        Extra dimensions
        Speaker: Steve Abel (IPPP) (IPPP)
        more information
      • 9
        Limits on Beyond the Standard Model from the TEVATRON
        Speaker: Michael Schmitt (Northwestern)
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    • SUSY decays
      • 10
        SUSY Decays
        Speaker: Richardson, P (IPPP)
      • 11
        Computing Lab
    • BSM at Current and Future Experiments
      • 12
        SUSY effects in B decays
        Speaker: Dedes, A (IPPP)
        more information
      • 13
        BSM Bounds From BaBar
        Speaker: Di Lodovico, F (QMW)
      • 14
        Looking Back at the First 12 Months of ATLAS
        Speaker: Tovey,D (Sheffield)
        more information
      • 15
        How Can You Tell SUSY (From a Hole in the Ground)?
        Speaker: Barr, A (UCL)
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