Participant List

23 participants

First Name Last Name Affiliation
Alessandro Cerri University of Sussex
Amanda Cooper-Sarkar Oxford University
Andrea Banfi University of Sussex
Antonella De Santo University of Sussex
Claire Shepherd-Themistocleous RAL
Daniel Tovey University of Sheffield
Fabrizio Caola IPPP
Francesco Riva Université de Geneve
frank krauss ippp durham
Iacopo Vivarelli Iacopo Vivarelli
Jakub Scholtz IPPP Durham
Jim Brooke University of Bristol
Mark Sutton The University of Sussex
Michael Spannowsky IPPP, Durham University
Mikael Chala IPPP Durham
Monica D'Onofrio University of Liverpool
Sebastian Jaeger University of Sussex
Seung J. Lee Korea University
Shankha Banerjee IPPP
Sinead Farrington University of Warwick
Stefano Forte Milan University
Tommaso Lari INFN Milano
Ulrik Egede Imperial College London
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